Food Babe Ava Anderson Article [retracted]

This article has been retracted due to an error (mine) in the ingredient list.  While I work hard to ensure accuracy, I’m also human. I got this one wrong.  I’m grateful to the two readers who contacted me to notify me of the error.  Your diligence is appreciated.  I also apologize to Ava Anderson.  This is a company with a great reputation for providing safe cosmetics. This fact was pointed out in the original article but bears repeating here.

Regular readers of my Food Babe “Dangerous” series know that I always stress that the product being discussed is actually completely safe, and that was certainly the case for any Ava Anderson product mentioned.  Readers unfamiliar with the style of these articles might not have made it to the conclusion section where I reveal that experts in science and chemistry agree everything in the product is safe.  But tying this company’s product to a list of ingredients that was not their own could lead to confusion.  So I’ll reiterate–there’s nothing to fear from this company’s product.

Because I criticize certain other blogger/activists for quietly deleting the evidence when they’re shown to be wrong, a deletion of the page itself would be uncalled for.  In place of the original, retracted content, I’m leaving this apology.

Admit your mistakes.  Apologize.  Work harder next time.  That’s my plan going forward.


5 thoughts on “Food Babe Ava Anderson Article [retracted]

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  4. I’m not sure where you got this ingredients list, but the Ava site says the ingredients are aloe barbadensis leaf juice extract (organic aloe vera), cetyl esters wax (vegetable based wax), vegetable glycerin, glyceryl stearate (organic palm oil), iron oxide (filtered 77499) (mineral based colorant), mica (77019) (mineral based colorant), non nano particle titanium dioxide (77891) (mineral based colorant), citrus sinensis (orange) oil, cymbopogon flexuosus (lemon grass) oil, sesamum indicium (sesame) seed oil

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    • Sara,

      You are correct. I am printing a retraction noting the error, which I regret. I have a staff of exactly one (myself) working on the blog. I do my best to ensure accuracy, buying the products when I can find them–else relying on the manufacturer’s statements. But I simply got this one wrong. Thank you for letting me know.


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