Food Babe “Staring” at Nestle Over Dyes; Should Be Looking In the Mirror

Yesterday, Vani Hari (the Food Babe) warned Hershey’s that she was “staring” at them after Nestle announced the pending removal of FDA-approved dyes from their chocolate products.1

Hari should have been looking in a mirror, as I’ve found her affiliated with a company selling products containing the same dyes.  (She’s already been caught in a separate dye blunder earlier this week.)

As early as 2013, Food Babe has been in a relationship with Josie Maran cosmetics, earning sales commissions from at least two of their products via her web site.2

Several Josie Maran offerings include the same dyes featured in Nestle’s press release, including Red #40 and Yellow #5.3,4,5,6  Hari campaigns vigorously against yellow #5.  The two items I found on Hari’s web site don’t contain the dyes in question, but that’s beside the point–Food Babe argues (quite loudly) that companies should not be using these dyes at all.  So why is she in business with a company that sells them?

food babe hershey nestle

Food Babe is staring at Hershey’s.  She should have been looking at herself. (click/enlarge)


For the record: experts say that these dyes have been extensively tested. They are considered safe by the FDA.7  Josie Maran has an excellent safety record and there is no reason to punish this company because of the poor research and double standards exhibited by Food Babe.

This isn’t the first time Food Babe has been caught out on the dye issue.  On February 16, I revealed that she has been selling a lip stain that contains 3 dyes over which she berated Kraft.8  She has yet to respond.

Why is it OK for Food Babe to scold Nestle because their products contain (safe) dyes and colorings when she’s connected with a company that’s doing the same thing?  How much longer will her double standards and hypocrisy be allowed to go unchecked?

Josie Maran lip stain ingredients.  "Lakes" are water insoluble forms.  "May contain" presumably takes into account that the list is for multiple colors.  (click/enlarge)

Josie Maran lip stain ingredients.  Both straight dyes and “lakes” are found.  Lakes are water insoluble forms–see my article here.  “May contain” presumably takes into account that the list is for multiple colors.  (click/enlarge)


Edit History
The original article incorrectly said that the Nestle press release stated dyes were being removed from all products.  It should have said all CHOCOLATE products.  This has been corrected.

Image Credits
Josie Maran and Food Babe screen snapshots are used in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, commonly known as “fair use law”. This material is distributed without profit with the intent to provide commentary, review, education, parody, and increase public health knowledge.

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