Food Babe Sells Cellulose; Tells Followers To Avoid Cellulose. It’s Getting Deep In Here.

Author’s note (19 March 2015) Despite her promises of transparency in dealing with errors, Vani Hari quietly pulled all cellulose-containing products from her web site approximately two weeks after this article was written.  She offered no explanation for her actions.

Food Babe’s hypocrisy and double standards reached new heights (lows?) this week.  While Vani Hari is openly selling products that contain cellulose, she’s angry that companies such as Kraft, Taco Bell, and Jimmy Dean use the same additive (which she refers to as a “wood filler”) in their wares.  According to her, not only are they cheating customers by offering less of a real product, they’re also doing great harm to their digestive systems.1,2

The problem, as always, is that Food Babe is selling products with exactly the same ingredient.3,5  In the wake of the revelation that she’s doing the same with no less than three companies using dyes she dubiously links to a myriad of health problems,6 you’ve got to wonder how her “Food Babe Army” can continue to trust her.

Ultimate Flora, Food Babe’s affiliate, uses cellulose in their probiotics line.4  She proudly features Ultimate Flora products on the shopping page.3

Food Babe Ultimate Flora

Food Babe sells Ultimate Flora probiotics capsules, which contain cellulose. She warns cellulose causes digestive problems. Hypocritical?  Yes.

Here are the ingredients in Ultimate Flora.4  Keep in mind that Vani Hari claims to personally use each and every product sold on her web site, and that she claims to read the labels of these products:

ultima flora sold by food babe - cellulose

Ultima Flora probiotic capsules contain cellulose.  (click/enlarge)

In a February 27 Facebook post (an old article,  resurrected to boost sagging book sales?), Food Babe says she doesn’t know whether to be “scared to death for the millions still eating cellulose”, or grateful that she stopped buying it long ago.

Did she really stop buying it long ago?  If so, why does she say this on the web page where she’s selling the cellulose-ridden Ultimate Flora?:


This is what we call a “lie”. On the web page where Food Babe says she uses every product sold on a daily basis, we find products containing cellulose. Yet she says she stopped eating cellulose long ago.

Below is the Facebook post.  You pick the lie:  (1) Does she really use every item on her shopping page (such as the cellulose-ridden Ultimate Flora probiotics), or (2) Did she really stop ingesting cellulose long ago?


If Food Babe is really “scared to death”, perhaps it should be because she’s been caught in yet another lie. She’s selling products containing cellulose in the “For Your Belly” section of her shopping site, all the while telling people that cellulose will harm their digestive systems. (click/enlarge)


It’s difficult to find a product sold by Vani Hari that does not contain an ingredient that she says is dangerous.  When will her adoring fans and the media wake up to this fact?  All you have to do is exactly what she encourages: read the labels of the products she’s selling.


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Food Babe and Ultimate Flora screen snapshots are used in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, commonly known as “fair use law”. This material is distributed without profit with the intent to provide commentary, review, education, parody, and increase public health knowledge.

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15 thoughts on “Food Babe Sells Cellulose; Tells Followers To Avoid Cellulose. It’s Getting Deep In Here.

  1. If I may ask, other than her objection to a filler, what is supposedly wrong with cellulose? It is the primary constituent of every plant on the planet, including those that we eat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She’s horribly confused on the biology and I’m not sure I could accurately describe her position, confused as it is. I thought it better to just point out the hypocrisy–she’s also selling products containing cellulose–and just stop there. Trying to relay her whacky ideas on how something so safe could be “harmful” might backfire. After reading her articles (they’re linked in my piece) several times I came away feeling like she really doesn’t know what cellulose is.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. She certainly didn’t stop ingesting cellulose unless she went on a plant-free diet. I think this might be one of her most ridiculous campaigns yet.


    • Refined, isolated substances are NOT the same as those substances in whole foods! It’s like comparing a room full of violins to a symphony. You can’t extract a substance from nature’s package, devoid of its natural cofactors, and add it to foods assuming that it’s healthy …


    • That’s what I said to myself when I received her newsletter on the same subject. So no fruits and vegetables? Seeing as all plant life contains cellulose.

      Nevermind that it isn’t a “filler” but a binder for food items (or an anti-caking agent like for use in cheese production), to add texture and additional fiber to one’s diet.


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  4. She is speaking of cellulose made from WOOD pulp. The cellulose in the Ultimate Flora is fine and derived from vegetables, and is no more harmful than eating veggies.

    Vani is warning against the cellulose created from wood pulp, which is not meant to be consumed and also causes gut issues, especially for people like me, with inflammation issues.


    • You might ask her why she pulled the Ultimate Flora from her product line immediately after this article was published J. I’d caution against doing so though, as disagreeing with her will get you banned.

      As for cellulose… trees and vegetables are both plants. Why do you think cellulose from one is different from the other? Who said cellulose from wood pulp is not “meant” to be consumed? Thank you for reading and commenting.

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      • The cellulose from wood can undergo a lot of refining in a lab, such as exposure to acid, and breaking it down before its added to the food. Its becomes different than the cellulose in say, a celery stick that I grew in my yard.


        • An acid is simply something with an excess of hydrogen ions. Acids occur throughout nature. You’d be dead without them. “Different” from the celery in your yard doesn’t mean safe or dangerous. I’m not sure exactly what your point is, but I do appreciate that you’re willing to discuss it in a civil manner. Thanks staying around to comment.


          • No prob. All in all, id rather just have natural cheese without the cellulose added. If im going to pay money, id rather have the pure product, not fillers.


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