Dr. Mark Hyman: (Artificial) Sugar Daddy

It’s been a while since we last heard from Dr. Mark Hyman, the hypocritical doctor who openly sells a product filled with the same chemicals he falsely claims causes cancer.  Actually, he’s  selling two such products.  Well, OK, there are over … Continue reading

Xylitol, Warrior Princess: Mark Hyman Debunked

I thought my debunking of Dr. Mark Hyman’s “10 Rules to Eat Safely for Life)“1 would be a one off job, but the deeper I read, the more nonsense I found.  There’s enough material there for a half dozen articles, and Hyman … Continue reading

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Cellulose Hypocrisy

Catching pseudoscientific doctors in the act of demonizing ingredients while simultaneously selling the same to their blissfully unaware followers is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. This week we’re back with Dr. Mark Hyman, MD., and another offering … Continue reading

Trick or Tweet: Dr. Mark Hyman Exposed

Social media has long been a bastion of modern-day snake oil salesmen. Twitter, in particular, is a great marketing tool. When it comes to food and product safety, the app’s 140 character message limit provides more than enough room to … Continue reading

Dr. Mark Hyman Selling “Dangerous” Toothpaste

It’s not uncommon to find quack doctors contradicting themselves on the internet these days, giving medical advice that directly contradicts facts about products that they’re selling for a profit.  Case in point: Dr. Mark Hyman and his guidance on toothpaste. … Continue reading

Thrive’s Plethora of “Poisonous” Powders

Today we continue our series probing the hypocrisy of Thrive Market, the putative all-natural online store whose products often contain the very ingredients they claim to be toxic–but apparently only when found in competitor’s offerings. In “The 9 Worst Chemicals Hiding … Continue reading

The Quack Doctor/Blogger Quiz

So you think you know your con artists? Which major organization did “holistic psychiatrist” Kelly Brogan falsely accuse of supporting birth control in Africa via vaccinations? What inanimate substance did woo peddler David Wolfe hilariously claim is alive? Which doctor … Continue reading