Dr. Mercola Brand Facial Cleanser Contains Pesticide

Dr. Joe Mercola is infamous for his zero tolerance policy on “harmful” chemicals (read: those not sold via his online store).  He’s pontificated about clearing an entire building due to a mercury spill smaller than the size of a tooth filling, … Continue reading

Sweet Nothings: Dr. Mercola’s Hypocrisy Revealed In One Simple Product Label

Regular readers of this blog are familiar enough with my debunking methods that I think we can dispense with a verbose rundown on today’s featured snake oil salesman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and just leap to the big “reveal”.  Here’s the … Continue reading

Thrive’s Plethora of “Poisonous” Powders

Today we continue our series probing the hypocrisy of Thrive Market, the putative all-natural online store whose products often contain the very ingredients they claim to be toxic–but apparently only when found in competitor’s offerings. In “The 9 Worst Chemicals Hiding … Continue reading

Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Lethal” Lipstick

Of all the celebrities with online stores, perhaps none is more dangerous or hypocritical than Gwyneth Paltrow.  Dangerous because of her scientifically illiterate healthcare stance and the worldwide stage–built by her celebrity status–from which she gets to promote it.  The … Continue reading

The Quack Doctor/Blogger Quiz

So you think you know your con artists? Which major organization did “holistic psychiatrist” Kelly Brogan falsely accuse of supporting birth control in Africa via vaccinations? What inanimate substance did woo peddler David Wolfe hilariously claim is alive? Which doctor … Continue reading

In Support of Food Hunk

http://www.gmofreeusa.org/take-action/boycott-scotts-gmo-grass-campaign/Master debunker/satirist The Food Hunk is running a fun contest this week.  It seems that the pseudoscientists over at GMO Free USA have gone all hypocritical, sending out a cease and desist warning over his legal use of their logo … Continue reading

Food Babe Pushing “Dangerous” Items: Naturally Fresh Deodorant

In her article “Throw This Out of Your Bathroom Cabinet Immediately”,1 Vani Hari (the “Food Babe”) slams modern deodorants because they contain aluminum. In “Flu Vaccine: The Aluminum Lining“,2 I talked a lot about how aluminum (the most common metal … Continue reading