Pesticide Found in David Avocado Wolfe Tooth Treatment

David Avocado Wolfe has never met a pesticide he likes, even going so far as to trump up a charge against a plant derived chemical for allegedly causing premature death of fruit flies.1,2,3 Oh, the humanity! For a man who … Continue reading

Your Worst Day Ever: David Wolfe’s Earthing and Zapping Debunked, Part 1

  Part One:  Unnatural Frequencies Have you heard the joke about the guy who plugs himself into an electrical outlet in his home for protection against disease-causing high frequency electromagnetic fields, then paradoxically zaps himself with an electrical device to … Continue reading

David Wolfe’s Salty Product: “Bro! Mine Is Toxic!”

#DontCryWolfe David Avocado Wolfe has once again stuck foot firmly in mouth in a YouTube video,1 encouraging a spellbound crowd at a nature retreat to avoid drinking bromine-laced seawater, urging instead the imbibing of a solution of Himalayan Pink Salt … Continue reading

Refutations to David Avocado Wolfe Memes

Just a quick one for you today.  Couldn’t resist setting David “Avocado” Wolfe straight on butterflies.   Here’s the Wolfe meme being debunked: Image Credits David Wolfe screen snapshot is used in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, commonly … Continue reading

Thrive’s Plethora of “Poisonous” Powders

Today we continue our series probing the hypocrisy of Thrive Market, the putative all-natural online store whose products often contain the very ingredients they claim to be toxic–but apparently only when found in competitor’s offerings. In “The 9 Worst Chemicals Hiding … Continue reading