David Wolfe’s Salty Product: “Bro! Mine Is Toxic!”

david wolfe on bromine

According to his product literature, David Wolfe’s Himalayan salt contains the same “toxic” element he avoids in seawater.

David Avocado Wolfe has once again stuck foot firmly in mouth in a YouTube video,1 encouraging a spellbound crowd at a nature retreat to avoid drinking bromine-laced seawater, urging instead the imbibing of a solution of Himalayan Pink Salt that contains–you guessed it–bromine.  And who sells this Himalayan salt?  None other than Avocado Wolfe himself.  Bromine is listed as one of the 84 elements in the salt sold by his internet store, Longevity Warehouse.2,3

As with all snake oil products, somehow, magically, David Avocado’s bromine is safer than the same bromine he says will poison you. Wolfe can’t take the “trace elements” dodge on his salt, claiming levels are too low to be harmful, as he clearly claims in his video that trace amounts of the element from sea water will build up to toxic levels over time.  By his own logic, eat enough of his salt, and you’re in the same (sinking) boat.

The YouTube salt video was recently posted by the Facebook woo-fighting page “NFBR But…”, and is a comic gold mine.  In one hilarious segment,  Wolfe tells the bald-faced lie that all of the earth’s water would levitate off the face of the planet if not for the salt in the earth’s oceans.  You’d think the crowd would realize they’re being snowed at this point and move on to something more interesting, like seagulls attempting oral sex with a manatee, but they continue listening to the con man.  I won’t waste the time of those of you who’ve studied third grade science by debunking the levitation claptrap. Instead, let’s concentrate on the consumer fraud Wolfe perpetrates on his unsuspecting followers.

The deception comes early in the video:  when questioned on the risks/benefits of consuming Himalayan salt  vs. the salt in ocean water, Avocado recommends Himalayan salt because, according to him, it doesn’t contain the element bromine.


Wolfe’s company, Longevity Warehouse, sells Pink Himalayan salt, and they’re happy to provide a list of the “essential elements” it contains.  All you have to do is write and ask them what’s in their product.  I know, because I did.  Their reply:2

“The vendor has confirmed that the statement is referencing the book Water & Salt, The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel MD and Peter Ferreira, which states that Himalayan salt can contain as many as 84 trace minerals. […] Attached is the list of minerals from the book for your reference.” — Longevity Warehouse  Support  Case #166810: Himalayan salt ingredients“

And from that attached list of minerals (actually, they’re elements), ladies and gentlemen, I give you… bromine:

bromine david wolfe

Bromine is one of the listed elements in David Wolfe’s Himalayan Salt.

Yes, bromine.  Hypocrisy, thy name is Avocado.

It gets worse. Exhibiting balls the size of Texas, Wolfe goes on to claim he’s tested up to ten salts in his “lab” and found that none contain bromine, except for Morton’s– a competing salt company.

One has to wonder which salts Avocado tested in order to disparage a competitor over a “toxic” element and miss the same in his own product.

This isn’t the first time the hypocrisy of Wolfe’s Himalayan salt has been laid bare for all the world to see.  In an earlier article, I pointed out that according to his own customer service reps, Wolfe’s product contains the same “toxic” heavy metals he warns the world to avoid.  At this point, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Avocado has a full range of detoxifying books and products available for purchase, just to cure you from the very toxins he’s feeding you.

david wolfe longevity warehouse salt

Himalayan salt from Wolfe’s Longevity Warehouse.  According to his own literature, David Wolfe’s Himalayan salt contains bromine.  But he warns followers to avoid bromine!

The scariest thing about David Wolfe isn’t that he’s fleecing innocent people out of their paychecks.  It’s that he goes on to dissuade them from taking advantage of real, potentially-life saving medicine and instead dabble in nonsensical, mystical woo that could literally cost them their lives when it comes to serious medical conditions like cancer.  Please, for your sake, and the sake of loved ones, don’t share articles or memes from this man, no matter how cute or appealing they might be at first glance.

When someone tells you “X” is dangerous and then sells you a product containing “X” in the same breath, that should be your first clue that something is wrong.  Do you and your loved ones a favor this year.  #DontCryWolfe


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