Food Babe Pushing “Dangerous” Items: Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara


Cyclopentasiloxane is an ingredient Food Babe says is toxic and cancerous.  But it’s found in the Tarte Lights Camera Action mascara she’s selling.

Vani Hari (the “Food Babe”) heavily censors all commentary on her web and social media sites.1,9  On Facebook those who legitimately question her statements are banned, with their commentary deleted.  On her web site no comments can be posted without their first being approved by Hari or a moderator.  Criticism–no matter how factual and polite–is not allowed.

With this in mind, I think it’s only fair that we hold Vani responsible for the content of commentary that she does approve.

Let’s look at this example from “Amber”, a regular contributor on

food babe cyclopentasiloxane

Commentary on the article “Throw this out of your bathroom cabinet immediately.”


The topic being discussed is cosmetics. (So that I’m not accused of taking a quote out of context, you can read the entire Food Babe article here.)

The dire warnings from on cyclopentasiloxane are interesting because of a guest piece Vani Hari wrote for the online magazine Well+Good.  In “My Five Beauty Obsessions”,3,4 Vani recommends Tarte Lights Camera Action Mascara:

tarte lights


Let’s have a look at the ingredients in this mascara, courtesy Vani’s encrypted affiliate link:5  (click image to enlarge)

tarte ingredients

Tarte Cosmetics Lights ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)


You can click that ingredient list to enlarge it.  Or, let me zoom in for you:

ingredients closeup


Now back to Vani’s web site:

food babe cyclopentasiloxane


Wait!  Let me get this straight: has a moderated post that says cyclopentasiloxane is “toxic, persistent” and has “the potential to bio-accumulate”… but Food Babe recommends Tarte Cosmetics Lights (which contains cyclopentasiloxane), and earns a sales commission when you buy it?6

food babe tarte lights

Food Babe’s encrypted affiliate ID. You buy the mascara with “dangerous” cyclopentasiloxane, and she cashes in. (Click image to enlarge.)


I can hear the Food Babe Army (FBA) protesting already–“Vani didn’t say this! It was one of her commentators!”

On a heavily censored, moderated web site, I would strongly disagree.  But to be honest, I just like yanking the Food Babe Army’s chain.

You see, Vani said it too (click image to enlarge):11

food babe "siloxanes"

Food Babe warns us to avoid any cosmetic with an ingredient ending in “-siloxane”.  Vani, please look at this ingredient in the mascara you’re selling and tell me what it ends in: cyclopentasiloxane.  (Click image to enlarge.)


Where does this wild claim come from?  It’s always interesting to see where Vani does her so-called research:7

vani hari choosing mascara


She uses a database produced by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  I wonder what EWG has to say about cyclopentasiloxane?  Well, it’s not good:8

cyclopentasiloxane EWG

EWG data on cyclopentasiloxane.


Mon Dieu!  The mascara from which Food Babe earns a sales commission contains an ingredient that, according to the source she recommends, is “classified as expected to be toxic or harmful,” “persistent, bioaccumulative in wildlife,” and <GASP!> “one or more animal studies show tumor formation at moderate doses.”

I just… I mean… I… I…
As the Facebook group “Banned By Food Babe” has so thoroughly documented,1,9  Food Babe and her moderators heavily censor all posts on her web and social media sites, so it is more than reasonable to hold Vani Hari responsible for statements that she does approve–including those about cyclopentasiloxane.

But her “army” is really only echoing her ignorance–Food Babe makes the original statement about the compound.  Her followers only expand upon it.  That’s why I led off with a quote from a minion rather than the Babe herself in this article.  Disinformation is dangerous.  It snowballs–as you can see from the additional “dangers” Vani’s commentator heaped upon cyclopentasiloxane.2

So Vani Hari earns a sales commission from a cosmetic that contains this compound, says it’s dangerous, and urges her “army” to use a database that links it to tumors in animals.Brilliant.

But… is Tarte Lights Mascara really dangerous?

I don’t think so.

I am not a professional chemist.  But, like you, I can use my university education as a foundation,  read and evaluate information (from experts) on cyclopentasiloxane,10 and make an informed decision.  Spend some time reading the scientific references in the “Toxicity” section of the PubChem writeup on cyclopentasiloxane,10 and I predict you’ll be unafraid. Very unafraid.

There’s just nothing there.

Vani seems to have once again cherry picked scary looking quotes to terrify you about other products–in order to sell you her own.

So, please buy Tarte Lights Mascara.  Just don’t buy it via a affiliate link.


Image Credits
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