Mike Adams and Natural News are Peddling GMOs

natural news gmo

Mike Adams injects the sale of GMOs into his own anti-GMO web site.  We all know GMOs are injected with syringes, right? 😉

When we last visited Mike Adams’ NaturalNews.com, we learned a terrible secret. The natural-living web site was found to be selling a product that contained sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, a “formaldehyde-releasing” compound that he warned us to avoid, on pain of a cancerous death.1 Like so many of the pseudoscientific “health” sites on the web today, Natural News’ merchandise often contains the very same chemicals the vendor says willl kill you.

And now, for Adams, it’s going to get worse.  A lot worse.  The anti-GMO “Health Ranger” is promoting GMO products on NaturalNews.com.

The Natural News story that admonished readers to avoid formaldehyde releasers1 was penned by regular contributor Danna Norek, who’s written over 70 articles for Mike Adams.  At the conclusion of each of these articles, Mike Adams heaps praise on the health benefits of Norek’s own AuraSensory’s product line, and sends readers off to her web site to load up on her merchandise.

The problem?  Irony of ironies, several of Norek’s AuraSensory products are manufactured with genetically modified ingredients, and Mike Adams, who pushes her wares, is arguably the most virulent anti-GMO activist on the planet.5

Here’s one of the 70 examples of Health Ranger waxing poetic about a company that sells products made with the very GMO ingredients he claims are poisonous to humans and the planet:4

Danna Norek founded AuraSensory.com. Product line includes an MSM & Vitamin C Ester Hydrating & Brightening Face Cream and all natural plumping Hyaluronic Acid Serum (greatly increases skin’s moisture retention), Sulfate Free Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo and Deep Hydration Conditioner, a very effective natural deodorant, and other body care. Visit to learn more about what chemicals & ingredients to avoid in your beauty and personal care products at AuraSensory.com 1

What Mike Adams doesn’t mention here are AuraSensory’s Unscented Natural Soap, Acne Soap, and Natural Body Soap, all of which are made with soybean oil.2,3,4  Because almost all soy (~95%) in the United States is GMO,6 this shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone who bothered to look.

I contacted AuraSensory while writing this article and they stated that their provider “pretty much confirmed that it was likely a GMO source for the soybean oil“.7  This isn’t anything to be ashamed of. There are thousands of studies backing the safety of GMOs.  I am in no way impugning the purity or safety of AuraSensory products in exposing the hypocrisy of Mike Adams and Natural News, and hope AuraSensory won’t be punished by association.  This is just another example of how the public is being duped into following a self-proclaimed Health “Ranger” with a broken moral compass.

If you follow Natural News on Facebook, now is a great time to click the “Unlike” link.

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Image Credits
Opening graphic by Mark Alsip/Bad Science Debunked using elements in strict accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, commonly known as “fair use law”. This material is distributed without profit with the intent to provide commentary, review, education, parody, and increase public health knowledge.


10 thoughts on “Mike Adams and Natural News are Peddling GMOs

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  4. We a person tells you what to use are we to ASSume that they checked out everything on or in a person shop or wearhouse. What’s you problem with Adam’s. Anyone reading this can peek it. Yes, Adam’s can be a little condescending, but he cares & most knows & love him.
    It can get trying hollering seeming alone for a long time. Mike Adams is pretty brilliant. Read up on him. That’s one bad ass; what can’t he do!?
    If I was a man I’ld want to be like Mike. Since I am a female all I can say is thank you Jesus for humanity sake he exist right here & now. Just like I thank Him for Bollinger, Stanislaw, Mercola, the Monarchs, JR-Rubin… These people are Not prefect but I do see the prefecting of them as the serve (fullfil their mission) mankind & stay true to themselves with their whole heart. Can anyone ask for more!

    But in truth there is ‘the accuser of the brother’. When you tell people to unlike him for your finding means that anything else he did or has done (which is a hell of a lot. I mean God has greatly blessed this man -he’s a bad ass at what he does) means nothing.

    May you be helped to see what God has blessed can’t be touched. Touch not my annointed…Hammer said it simply… ‘Can’t touch this’


    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Adams is selling exactly the same products he says he will kill you. I didn’t see your answer to that anywhere. In science we discuss facts, not people. Please do write back and reply. I look forward to discussing this with you.


  5. Curious, how many times has Mike Adams spoken out against topical application of GMO? Isn’t there generally more concern of ingested GMO?


    • Not just ingestion, but alleged environmental damage, are among his chief complaints. I can’t say he has s specifically said to avoid rubbing a GMO product on your skin, but he does consider GMOs toxic, and is very strongly against applying “toxic” chemicals to the skin for fear of absorption. You’ll find this most often expressed in his rants against cosmetics.

      Vani Hari (the Food Babe) is in this camp of believers, stating that the skin is the body’s largest organ and anything applied to it is absorbed into the body. Joe Mercola has made statements to this effect as well. Ironically, Hari sells a skin care product made with GMO corn. As with Jones, I simply put their “scientific “ claims about GMOs, “toxins,” and absorption together, and ask their followers to reach a logical conclusion based on their claims…


  6. I think Mike is a well intentioned individual but a lot of these types seem to have a certain genius at self promotion, that I find very distasteful, and when I commented on his touting manuka honey in plastic jars, and the dangers of chemical leaching into a highly enzymatic honey, he said it was to prevent breakage and glass containers were more expensive and cost more to ship, true enough, but they were far healthier containers that didn’t leach hormone disrupting chemicals into your foodstuff, well he didn’t have anything further to say and replied “have a nice day sir” well, of course it was at this point that the lightbulb went off, and I no longer trusted Mike and took my business elsewhere. I wish him the best, but I had to move on.


  7. First of all, it’s great that you’re shining light on anyone’s inconsistencies, in this case Mike Adams. But bad science abounds in more and more science CLAIMS that indicate legitimacy with non-peer reviewed papers. AND, science fraud continues escalating daily. Also, there is plenty of evidence showing GMOs cause a variety of adverse affects whether in people, animals, or plants. It is one of the most harmful contributions to society by “science”.


    • Thanks for trying Dennis but there’s no evidence at all that GMOs are causing “adverse effects.” I don’t understand your fear of GMOs. EVERYTHING you eat has been genetically modified. Biology 101 would have taught you that


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