Your Worst Day Ever: David Avocado’s Himalayan Salt Debunked

I’ve had more than one good belly laugh over the scientific absurdities of David Avocado Wolfe, a believer that water is a living organism whose attitude is shaped by the path taken through the pipes entering one’s house.12 Adding to the fun, Mr. Wolfe’s fog of incomprehension regarding electricity is fodder for an upcoming article debunking his horrifically expensive “Zapper” and grounding mat products, so do stay tuned for that.

But as I launch my 2016 #DontCryWolfe series exposing this man’s dangerous pseudoscience (e.g., turning cancer patients away from effective treatments in favor of bogus vegetable cures), I’d like to kick things off with what has become the forte of my blog: proving that internet hucksters like Wolfe are selling products with exactly the same ingredients they claim will kill you.

As an example, let’s look at this Himalayan Crystal Salt available from Wolfe’s Longevity Warehouse:1

Wolfe makes an interesting claim about this salt:2

“Himalayan salt contains the 84 natural elements needed by the body. “

Eighty-four elements needed by the body? Curiosity got the better of me, so I contacted Longevity Warehouse and asked what my body “needs”. In response, they opened help ticket “LW Support #166810: Himalayan salt ingredients“, and eventually emailed this reply:

“The vendor has confirmed that the statement is referencing the book Water & Salt, The Essence of Life by Dr. Barbara Hendel MD and Peter Ferreira, which states that Himalayan salt can contain as many as 84 trace minerals. […] Attached is the list of minerals from the book for your reference.”

You can consult the Hendel/Ferreira book11 for the full list if you’re so inclined, but here are a few particular items from the publication that I think readers will find interesting:

Arsenic As 33 <0.01 ppm
Cadmium Cd 48 <0.01 ppm
Mercury Hg 80 <0.03 ppm
Lead Pb 82 0.10 ppm
Polonium Po 84 <0.001 ppm
Uranium U 92 <0.001 ppm
Plutonium Pu 94 <0.001 ppm

Before I dig into this lineup, it’s of utmost importance to understand one of Wolfe’s key claims about his product. To wit: even though the salt contains only trace amounts of 84 elements, it’s their very presence that makes the product beneficial to your health, and it’s their removal during commercial salt processing that makes regular table salt “toxic“. Speak to us, oh wise one:

“In order to make table salt, natural salt is heated to high temperatures and cleaned chemically, reducing all the important minerals and leaving only sodium and chloride”2–David Wolfe

Never mind that the salt you buy from Wolfe is still, by and large, nothing more than sodium chloride. He’s telling us that the mere presence of these 84 trace elements is important to our health. All of them. Uh oh.

Let’s look at some of these “important” elements:


Mr. Wolfe warns that mercury is one of the top ten toxins poisoning our children, and once it’s in the body, it’s impossible to remove naturally.3 So as you consume his salt, by the man’s own logic, you’re writing a toxic check your digestive system can’t cash.

No mercury-based fear mongering from a pseudoscientist would ever be complete without a reference to dental fillings, and Avocado does not disappoint. In this YouTube video,4 he describes mercury as one of the “highest toxic substances known to man”, and frets over the small amounts found in older dental fillings. You won’t find him agonizing over the mercury in the Himalayan salt he sells you, though. Why? Because money.

Wolfe boarded the Woo Train long ago on vaccines, not seeming to grasp whether thimerosal (a mercury-containing compound–which is not mercury) might actually be used in certain vaccines at all. Once his misinformation train left the station, a lot of innocent people have gotten sick from vaccine-preventable diseases. Avocado is fixated on his belief that your body can’t remove these heavy metals (which originated from his own Himalayan salt!) on its own.5 Perhaps this is why he’s happy to recommend and sell unproven detox routines to help in the cleanup.6

If you spend a lot of time reading Wolfe (I do), you’ll see this mantra repeated again and again when it comes to “heavy metals”:

“That is a long scary list and many of these things will not leave the body naturally.” 5–David Avocado Wolfe


I’ll let Wolfe’s “lipstick meme” speak for itself on ingesting trace amounts of the toxic element lead:7

David Wolfe on lead

David Wolfe on lead. (click/enlarge)

I agree with Wolfe: we should be concerned about eating or drinking lead. So why is it found in his Himalayan Crystal Salt?

Wolfe frets over a literal kiss of death, yet he would have us sprinkle the same elements of our destruction over our garden salad. You’ve heard me say it countless times in my writing: Pot. Kettle. Black.

I’m looking at you, David Avocado Wolfe.


Wolfe’s own marketing material for Himalayan salt2 takes great pains to name arsenic as a toxin that we’re adding to our body in “normal” salt, and yet you’ll find the very same element in the Himalayan mix he’s selling you.

“Also considering salts come from the ocean, and our oceans are polluted with mercury, lead, arsenic and more, we are then adding more toxins into our body.”2

Along with “Shazzie”, Wolfe is listed as co-author of “Detox Your World”,8 a book that warns that ingesting low levels of arsenic over extended periods of time can lead to darkening of skin and warts. The book then goes on to link arsenic to several cancers, including lung, skin, bladder, and prostate.


On July 23, 2015, Wolfe tweeted a link to a story about abandoned uranium mines slowly contaminating Navajo water sources:

david wolfe twitter uranium

David Wolfe tweet on uranium (click/enlarge)

I think Wolfe is right to be concerned about the accumulation of radioactive elements such as uranium in the human body through sources such as groundwater.

My question is, why doesn’t he care that he’s listed trace amounts of uranium as one of the 84 essential elements in his Himalayan salt? One can’t help but notice the radioactive polonium and plutonium in the salt as well, even if Wolfe hasn’t spoken out specifically against them. These elements are most definitely harmful to the human body and, as Wolfe so often loves to shout from the rooftops,6 there’s no way to remove these toxins once we’ve ingested them (unless you subscribe to one of his detox regimens).


Cadmium is listed repeatedly10,11 (along with arsenic and lead) as a “metallic toxin” in Wolfe’s book, Superfoods; The Food and Medicine of the Future.

Can you name a food where you’ll find cadmium? Oh hell, I’ve ruined the surprise by now, haven’t I? Yes, it’s in Wolfe’s Himalayan Crystal salt.


There’s nothing really dangerous about Himalayan salt.  The trace amounts of elements found there are too small to do you any good–or harm.  David Wolfe’s health and science advice swing from harmless, laughable blurbs such as “chocolate being a magical octave of the sun”, to irresponsible, and patently dangerous claims such as ginger being more powerful than chemotherapy in cancer treatment. The former is funny; the latter can cost someone their life.

Wolfe lures unsuspecting readers to his web site through the use of cute memes featuring the likes of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, drops a load of dangerous pseudoscience on them that could dissuade them from seeking real medical attention, and sells them products that by his own claims could damage their health.

Do the world a favor and don’t share David Wolfe memes in 2016. Please share, and tag with #DontCryWolfe. Thanks for reading.



Edit History
18 Jan 2016: Four astute followers caught the embarrassing misspelling of prostate; added some extra verbiage to assure worried readers they don’t need to throw out their pink salt.  It’s completely safe.

Image Credits
David Wolfe/Longevity Warehouse web site screen and product snapshots are used in strict compliance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 of United States copyright law (commonly known as “fair use law”). This material is distributed without profit with the intent to provide commentary, review, education, parody, and increase public health knowledge.

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96 thoughts on “Your Worst Day Ever: David Avocado’s Himalayan Salt Debunked

    • Just wanted to make a statement… I know for a fact that the grounding mat takes swelling down… My mom had lung cancer and left shoulder was swelled up immensely… I got a grounding mat and sheet from 2 weeks of use swelling was completely gone… And a lot less painful as the cancer had wrapped around nerves..Nothing else had worked… And she had mass meds… That didn’t do shit for her…


        • I’d like to know who you really work for. David Wolfe? Who cares? But your need to spend all this effort to take him down? Gotta question it. And being a scientist is nothing more than watching subatomic particles do what you expected them to do… because you expected them to. What science tells us today is obsolete as soon as it doesn’t serve the corporate money makers.


    • David Wolfe has helped many people. Who have you helped? Why so much wasted time and energy? Don’t you have a job? And, come to think of it, what was your scientific debunk?????
      Get a life.


        • Look at the problems we have because of science pollution, pesticides, herbicides, gmo’s, nuclear weapons could go on all day if i wanted. I know there is good things but, we are talking about health, these things are not healthy for man or the planet seems its all about money and big business. you telling me why or why you think my heart is beating does not change the fact that it is and I am the one responsible for that not science! “David Wolfe is a good man. wanna start judging people take a look at the man in the mirror, Peace!!


          • Wolfe is selling the very things he says will kill you. And the fact is, those things won’t kill you. But Wolfe sells them to you while telling you they will. That’s what I write about. Peace be upon you too, my friend.


      • Helped people ? Can you name one that has been independently verified ?
        If the author shows people that Wolfe is a dangerous nutter the he is helping thousands


  1. 84 elements would be every naturally-occurring element except for the noble gases, including polonium, francium, and astatine (if he’s including the unnatural plutonium, I wonder which natural one he’s leaving off). Astatine has a half-life of hours, and is never going to be found in anything mined. Francium is even faster.

    The quantities measured are given as “Arsenic As 33 <0.01 ppm
    Cadmium Cd 48 <0.01 ppm Mercury Hg 80 <0.03 ppm" which suggests that they used a test with a detection limit of 0.01 ppm and couldn't find any arsenic or cadmium. So they may be there, but not in detectable quantities.

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    • Well said. As I point out in all three of my Himalayan salt debunkings, it is the vendor who claims the elements are there in quantities that are beneficial to the consumer. To me, they’re selling NaCl. But read the marketing hype and they want you to believe 84 elements are there!


    • This was gonna be my point (although a more sensitive method might have lower limits of detection). The only thing that is actually found is lead, which of course is not healthy for anyone, whether it comes from salt or lipstick. But the maximum levels can be found in European Commission (EC) No 1881/2006 – setting maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs.


  2. Hi there 🙂
    I enjoyed your article, but I have a concern. I checked to see what the acceptable limits for lead in lipstick were, and found that it’s 20 ppm. (
    The amount in Mr Wolfe’s salt is 0.10 ppm ….which is 200x less lol!
    I am ALL FOR websites that debunk and shed light on the truth. (taking a stand against injustices is a big part of my life) But listing the ingredients and making it seem like it’s poison, when the limits are so incredibly low, makes this seem like more of a witch hunt than debunking.
    I’m interested in hearing your response!

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Wolfe claims lead is a heavy metal that can’t be eliminated naturally from the body, regardless of the source. That’s why he wants it removed from lipstick. It’s the accumulation he argues against. Same must apply to any lead source then, by his argument.

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    • I don’t think he was saying it is toxic at that level. I believe he twice said it was not. It was more about pointing out that to Mr wolf lead is bad unless it is in a product he is selling.


  3. I had this same debate with a couple of acquaintances 18 months ago. Whilst I argued against it I had no idea what was in it so I went home and checked it out. I used the CSIRO (Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) as my source of information and found that of the 84 reported elements in Himalayan magic money making salt there were only two that were present in any significant quantities – sodium and chlorine; AKA salt.

    What I then found absurd is that when the believers were confronted with this information they patently ignored the radioactive substances, citing that there wasn’t enough in it to do any damage, yet they were adamant that there was a “health benefit” from the other elements, even though they weren’t present in enough quantities to do anything.

    You can lead a person to real salt but you can’t force people to stop being stupid.

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    • Glad so many are catching on to this. I try to point out that the levels of everything but NaCl are insignificant and it’s the vendor making the claim that quantities are high enough to matter–except when they don’t want them to matter. Sigh😔


  4. Problem is, even if someone can stop this lunatic, 5 more will pop up to take his place. I know all of these slimy bastards hide behind the right to free speech, in the declaration of Rights, the law should be able to imprison any of these assholes that cause an injury or death to an individual by their insane ideas.


  5. It would be great to include approximate levels of each element in the salt vs the other items (lipstick etc). Having the numbers illustrate the issue even more clearly.


  6. Love the article. I’d be careful about indicating that the plutonium and uranium in the salt are radioactive. The majority of each found in natural materials is not radioactive. Just don’t want to give any haters a chance to dismiss your fundamental message. Cheers! Keep up the great work!


  7. Sorry to say, this is the dumbest article from almost the dumbest website I have ever seen to date, only Quackwatch is dumber, and I see you are trying hard to follow in those Big Pharma paid footsteps, to increase or try to claim your own paycheck

    Good luck, to you and the rest of the “Mushrooms” who will follow you (kept in dark, fed ___), you’ll need lots of it when Disease strikes and Western Medicine will FAIL as they always have with Disease, feeding you toxic lethal drugs to address symptoms only, being careful to never address true root causes.

    Enjoy those garbage laced Vaccines, Fluoride, GMO’s, Chemical-based Cancer causing concoctions called “Medicine”, (and keep ignoring the growing amount of studies proving these things are toxic) and the rest of the garbage the FDA allows for being paid off to do so. One day you might wake up, but it will likely be too late


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  9. Based on the evidence about the insignificance of the 84 trace minerals, etc, that are contained in Himslaysn salt, would I be correct in believing that Himalsyan rock salt lamps also have no significant health advantages either?


  10. I just worked out rapadura sugar is just cane sugar (that I always use) rapadura costing a lot more and only available in small packets at our local supermarket. Can you debunk any other food items for us?! All those fancy pants recipes won’t look so fancy then!


    • Thanks for the tip Judith. I will add it to the list! I get many requests and am so grateful for them; try to do as many as possible. I have never heard of rapadura before. Will be interesting to learn about it. Some of the really good debunking (like Suja juices) has already been done, so my thunder has been “stolen” 😉 But I’m always on the lookout!


  11. Mark , i think the mineral list is a bit wrong , at list i found different variation , like Mercury Hg 80 less than 0.01 ppm, instead of Mercury Hg 80 <0.03 ppm ,and aniway ,is is not the point , the list you found , it s a must in some salt brands or sea product, it s for the so called Codex Alimentarius, wich are universal nutritional parameters for the safe of everibody, infact the list is under the limits of the danger by Codex Alimentarius ,and it is shown to prove it, it s like a normal routine…infact you can find more mercury on fish . Aka …the salt is ok …..
    You know, those parameters about the salt, got out from a study , and spread all over the world ,
    David just took it and make it his belief,
    so unless you are a scientist and you can check it with a machine in a lab , you got to trust it , or not trust it, but in something you got to trust…or you could get crazy, you can t just check if every parameters of the world is right …
    And i don t think this is about taking money from people, because David Wolfe choose to believe in raw food power , and start to experimenting it …did you ever …. ? why do you think he making money out of this ….instead of something else.. ? because offcourse he really believe it….like we could say , a basic doctor would believe in giving shit medicine for every symptoms you get instead of checking how you really feel inside…and your nutrition. Not every ideas are perfect, but this people are moved by the heart , to really heal people , experimenting on themselves and share iti with the world, but …you should try it your self , and not just critizise , off course he looks crazy sometimes cause he could assume some weird theories, but behind him , there are every day more doctors saying exactly the opposit your doctor might say… …. what do we do ?
    i hope your getting my point , we are here to make us better, and if i finf the way , i would like to share it with you, and why not …if you can pay me …i need to live too …, but this was just an example. sorry for the english guys…please Mark try to reply


    • Hi Alberto. Thanks for reading and commenting. The list I published is the one that the vendor (Longevity Warehouse) provided to me when I asked them what was in their salt, so I am simply stating what they claim are their ingredients.

      The important point is that for the elements listed here, David Wolfe very clearly says that these are toxic heavy metals that accumulate in the body and cannot be removed naturally. If you spend a lot of time listening to his lectures and reading his articles as I do, you will find that he also very clearly claims these will make you violently ill or kill you. And that is the point of the article–he is selling you something he says will harm you. As I do my series on Wolfe in 2016, I think it will be very clear he is all about making money and not about health. I can find nothing at all in his lineup of products that has any proven health benefits at all, and I must be honest–some of his claims are scientifically laughable. Water is not alive, for example. Please understand I’m not making fun of the person: I am shooting down a ludicrous claim.

      No need to apologize for the English Alberto. Yours is so much better than my French and Spanish, which I struggle with mightily. I admire your abilities and am grateful you took the time to write.

      Best wishes,



  12. As it’s been said, the quantities of any chemical other than sodium and chlorine were not significant. Since you can’t prove that, say, uranium or plutonium are NOT there (since that’s the null hypothesis), it strikes me as dishonest to list them outright in the ingredients.


  13. The ‘toxic’ metals you claim that himalayan salt contains are in parts per million…To give you a comparative of the difference between TRACE in parts per million versus traditional table salt has 20mg of sodium aluminosilicate ADDED to it after processing as an anti-caking agent. That is 1.3mg of aluminum per 1 gram of traditional table salt, and the average minimum intake not including food additives is 3 grams – and average Americans add over 6 grams per day.

    Minimalizing the amounts of aluminum, for example, it is much better to elect the himalayan salt in parts per million, than ingesting milligrams per gram in one source of table salt when processed foods contain even more of it.

    I am sure that Mr. Wolfe’s comment about “84 trace elements our bodies need” was an innocent oversight on his part, since it does contain 84 total…I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt (and I don’t buy his products). People make mistakes all the time (as you have demonstrated in the corrections you made to your article) it doesn’t make them criminal.

    The sarcasm, assumptions and accusations as to the man’s intent, detracts from the credibility to educate as a scientist, in my opinion.

    I will say this, if you did your research, you would have discovered that there was an FDA crack down on several lipstick manufacturers that exceeded the 0.1 ppm amount of lead as high as 70 times greater, along with cadmium. When you consider that lipstick is ingested, as well as absorbed, and then when you take into consideration the other cosmetics, products that also may contain toxic chemicals, it is better to err on the conservative side…Especially when anything above 0.1 ppm must be included in the ingredients, and are intentionally not being reported/listed by the manufacturers.

    You, as a scientist, should also know about the presence of cadmium in shellfish, and some edible vegetation, not just Mr. Wolfe’s himalayan salt, but the cool thing about vegetables with cadmium they generally contain Iron & Zinc, or Calcium, which scientists state as limiting the absorption of cadmium, and lead in the body…Thankfully, they are also present in higher abundance than their destructive counterparts as noted in the spectral analysis of himalayan salt.


    • The measurement issue is a perplexing one for the sellers of the salt, who simultaneously claim that the trace amounts of “good” elements are beneficial while the “bad” elements accumulate in your body, can’t be removed naturally, and poison you. Wolfe and Mercola are the two best examples I can find of this hypocrisy.


  14. Can you PLEASE explain to me what “science” you are using to claim that CHEMOTHERAPY will save a life? Even if ginger does absolutely nothing–it would be better for someone with cancer than cancer causing, immune system destroying, poisonous chemotherapy. Chemo “therapy” is the biggest lie on the planet. I have never known anyone who survived Chemo, radiation and surgery. NEVER.


    • I have, my mum, my step mother in law (twice) and a friend of mine (twice) together with her sister. Whilst i think it’s very strong and has had detrimental effect on their health they are all currently alive. Would it be the same, hadn’t they had chemo? I don’t know. Would i have wanted them to risk it? Hell no! I tend to look at more natural medecine, but would i trade ginger for chemo? Maybe when all else has failed.


  15. All I can say is that I tried this receipt (coming from another source incidentally) and while is tastes utterly revolting, it did actually work. Needed to take again after about 3 hours, but was happy to do so cause the sinus headache I had was excruciating.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting Eugenie. I’m curious what controls you hand in place? Have you tried this every time you had a headache? Did it go away every time? What else did you take? If you took nothing, could not eating or drinking have cured the headache? Are you the only person on which you’ve tried it? It would be interesting to try in a sick ward where a hundred or a thousand patients had headaches and see if it worked for all of them, for example. Also interesting to note that your headache didn’t really stay away, that it came back…


  16. The sum is greater than it;s parts.The salt you write of is the sum of the individual elements working synergistically together to produce the wellness Wolfe speaks of. Breaking it down element by element does not disprove a thing as the individual elements need each other to produce the energy that drives the wellness. I would think if you love science you would realize that. Einstein would have..


      • What ?You don’t understand the synergy between biomimetic mineralization and polyamine? Why are you writing this blog? Synergy is the simplest of concepts to understand..If you understood you would not ask me that question. Yes I think that is OK, despite the fact I am not a Wolfe fan .Take warfarin also known as rat poison for example, tens of thousands of people are given it and it keeps them alive. But if you eat rat poison you will probably die.


  17. It is absurd to think every body reacts the same to any elements, chemicals, meats, veggies, etc. This is the problem with the writer of this article, David Wolfe, modern medicine and natural medicine. I was on tons of meds before I cut out meat and nearly ever symptom and issue I had went away. However, a friend of mine needed certain types.of meat protein and her health improved. Cancer can be cured in many ways and to assume it is one way or another is absurd logic. I’d suggest finding what works for you and rejecting either Wolfe or the a-hole author of this article and try both to see what your body needs. Authors like this guy are exact replicas of the person they are hating on. It’s just a massive troll with his own blog. Ignore haters use chemo, use veggies , use salt, use whatever works best for your body to heal.

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  18. I think the main point is, that when things are taken from nature and isolated/synthetically altered into a man-made product…then you are potentially looking at parts separate from their co-factors or fellow constituents (likely in greater quantities), which therefore result in toxicity. I see where you are coming from, but it’s all about what is altered to represent a pattern that isn’t naturally occurring. No one can ignore the fact that life is interconnected in ways we can not even see, it’s all alive and everything natural is connected to everything else within it. Even a rock carries it’s own vibration (what’s your definition of something being alive?), all things work at different levels and functions yet we can not deny they all work together. How is water not alive? It moves as all life does when in nature, it’s what makes all that which you see in the world be as it is. It obviously is the key to facilitating life and sustaining it, on this planet at least. How can you claim that something that gives life, is not alive? There is plenty of research out there supporting the concept. I’m always perplexed of how skeptics can be a skeptic about everything but their own skepticism.


    • Water isn’t alive because it meets none of the definitions of life. It has no metabolism. It can’t grow, reproduce, etc. I think some biology background would be helpful here or else we don’t have common ground for discussion. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment.

      “Something giving life” doesn’t make something alive. And water doesn’t “give” life. It’s an essential component. It’s hard to switch from science to wordplay in a debate, so I tend to not do that. Water “moving” doesn’t mean it’s alive. It moves because of gravity. Rocks move because of gravity when they roll downhill. Doesn’t make them alive 😉

      You wrote // but it’s all about what is altered to represent a pattern that isn’t naturally occurring // This is called an appeal to nature. It’s a very old logical fallacy used in high school debates. It doesn’t matter if something is naturally occurring or not. That doesn’t make it toxic or non-toxic. And that’s not even what David Wolfe is arguing. He says, purely and simply, that the elements in his salt are toxic. Always. They (according to him) accumulate in the body and can’t be removed naturally. He does, in fact, deny that “they work together”. Lead and uranium are highly toxic, they accumulate, and there’s no safe level, if I recall his writing correctly. Please correct me if I misspeak.


  19. Speaking of fallacies, nice use of ad hominem fallacy to garner more support from your “grounded” assertions that seem to not really take flight. And you associating “appeal to nature” with my statement is inept. I’m using it within a certain context, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Your science is all based on a belief system of it’s own. Most backgrounds today are very specific in their view and often miss how it all may work together. Having a background says nothing about the individuals thought process/application other than the fact that they often presume to know more than they do (especially when used to justify an argument). I see inconsistencies in your presentation. Again, I think you’re missing the bigger picture. You’re basing these functions, “reproduction, metabolism, growth” under a certain school of thought. You think this operates on one level? That’s a rather preposterous proposition if you do. If anything has been learned about our universe(s)? it’s that things are layered with depth beyond our ability to quantify or understand. “As science delves deeply into the true nature of matter, it finds that all matter is in fact “non-physical” – made up of energy and information that manifests out of an infinite sea of probabilities.” Perhaps I am going out on a limb here, but I believe that this asserts that life goes beyond what we can see and even measure. What I am proposing is that perhaps our view needs to become more fundamentally expansive. Are you not separating ideas, rather than unifying…when they only ever operate on a collective level? When a star dies, new stars are born. When a planet forms, rocks/crystals are formed or “grown” if you will. One could argue…what is anything without gravity, some sort of pull/friction/movement? Would life even happen without, so then doesn’t gravity “give”? Water is essential, but does not “give?” then what does give, does not everything in some way shape or form? All your doing is trying to find flaws without any supporting values. You’re claiming they are not alive, because of predetermined standards/definitions of what being “alive” should be? And yet isn’t “science” as previously stated, that what we’ve come to see is beyond what we can physically measure/define. Perhaps our definitions need to be less specific, and broadened…

    I’ve looked into it more and perhaps David is wrong, or right…or a mix of both with exactly what you substantiate. But my main point and view is that we come from this earth, and are made in harmony to an extent with everything around us. When you create a synthetic version of something we are meant to have and add different chemicals/compounds that do not naturally bind with them…is it not within a common ground of understanding that it is more than likely to cause us harm? Even though I’m less inclined to believe something like Sea Salt is toxic, that’s not to say something natural can’t be toxic either. I’m sure this can go many ways, as most if not all things do and I’m very interested in exploring this truth further!!!

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    • Whether he does or doesn’t has no effect on the facts laid out above, but nice try at an underhanded suggestion he’s shilling for chemical manufacturers.

      Now, can you tell me — does David Avocado Wolfe have an interest in Wolfe’s Longevity Warehouse and in the sales of products from said venture?

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  21. So does this mean that HImalayan salt is dangerous to our health? I’m using it daily instead of iodize salt (not Wolfe brand)


    • No, not at all Jake. Enjoy your Himalayan salt. Wolfe is infamous for ranting against completely safe products. The fact that he sells the same thing doesn’t make it any less safe. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


  22. This article was so unintelligently written. Your body does in fact need all those vitamins, we have jsut grown so unhealthy as a race that we no longer notice the signs for it. We just take medicine that give us short term results, long term illnesses. If you think that eating healthy can’t help a cancer patient or that natural alternatives can’t heal, then you haven’t done any research at all. You don’t need big pharma. It is all a huge money scheme that makes people think they are being cared for. Good luck in life if this is what you believe to be true.


    • They aren’t vitamins, they’re chemical elements… and David Avocado Wolfe himself says they will kill you, while at the same time selling them to you. That was the point of the article, and you did not address it at all. Could you do that, please?

      No, your body does NOT need lead, or aluminum, or uranium. My challenge to you is to respond and back up your claim that it does. And please, I don’t mean this as an ad hom attack, but it would be very helpful to your case if you’d demonstrate that you understand the difference between a vitamin and an element–especially when you’re saying something is “unintelligently written.”

      Thank you for reading and commending. I look forward to hearing from you again and continuing our discussion.

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  23. Pingback: Food Babe Decks The Malls With Bowls of Folly | Bad Science Debunked

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Anne. I didn’t set out to debunk anything. My intent was to point out that Wolfe is selling a product that contains the same ingredients he says will kill you. I did do that, and I provided references that do exactly that. Would be interested in hearing your response.

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  24. I’m curious – is this blog active? I haven’t seen anything new for quite some time.
    Well no matter…

    Did you know, there is Acrylamide in coffee? How about Pringles – yep it’s in there too. You do know what Acrylamide is, right?

    Oh and by the way we all need to lay off eating apples; you know because of the cyanide.

    btw – Himalayan Salt, we use that in my house


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